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Pit tickets for Bristow, VA

Greetings and salutations.  I'm new to this community so I thought I'd make a quick post.   
This year will be the first that I go to Ozzfest (though I'm sad about missing previous ones...particularly '99...but we won't speak of that) and I over-zealosly bought 3 sets of tickets to three different tourdates.  Long and short of it is this:  I can make it to Toronto and I can make it to New York City....but I can't get time off work to drive/fly down to the August 6th date in Bristow, Virginia.     
I thought I would post a bit of an 'ad' about this set of tickets because, as I live in Canada, I won't even be able scalp the tickets 

Soooo.    Who needs or knows someone who needs:
2 (actual) G.A. Pit tickets for August 6th in Bristow, Virginia at the Nissan Pavillion
I purchased originally through ticketmaster online for $298 USD after service charges, taxes and bullshit.

I'm not trying to make a profit ... I just want to sell them and offer someone a chance to enjoy the verrry limited moshpit area.

I will probably put them on ebay so message me with an offer  or reply if you have any interest. 


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