Eric (ez) wrote in ozzfest,

Ozzfest 2006 radio show

Just wanted everyone to know, that later today (Friday) I'll be doing my Ozzfest 2006 radio show (just in time for the Detroit Ozzfest)! The radio show is called High Voltage!

I'll be playing ALL the bands on this year's Ozzfest, many I'll play more than once, plus some new albums from the bands on it (SYL, All That Remains, etc).

It starts 2pm Eastern Time (1pm Central/12pm Mountain/11am Pacific/not sure on other times around the world). It will run until 3:30pm, then restart at 4pm...reread that if you just got confused :)

You can listen live online at or 88.3fm if around the Auburn Hills Michigan area
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